Training Track by Jojo and Roberto

Class description

In this class we expect something from you You are a dedicated dancer, regularly going to hopspot or other social dances and are looking how to improve your dancing. We expect you to come to class and if not to practice from the instruction video’s we tape after class.

Why? Because we think the whole class benefits from you attending class, and we will be able to keep a nice flow in our classes.

You need to have a good level 2-3 level of dancing for this track

What do you get in return?

-Lots of private attention and feedback to work on the things that are important for you: we have a small class of 8 -9 couples and will rotate with you on a regular base.

- Everyone will receive 30 min of private class between 20.15-20.45, You can choose between 1 private of 30 minutes or 2 privates of 15 minutes.

- We normally have 3-4 themes during class. You can have input on the theme you would like to work on, but we will probably work on 1 technical theme, 1 musicality theme, and some vocabulary classes.

- We try to provide a balanced class by substituting students that cannot make it