Today’s band night is in a different place

Wham, Re-Bop-Boom-Bam
I can swing and I can jam
Wham, Re-Bop-Boom-Bam
Join the Bandnight and swing out loud

In this Hopspot Bandnight edition of June, the quartet Schwing Jazz Band will be playing in the authentic sound of the 20’s and 30’s.

***Note**** that the event will be held at Zalencentrum Utrecht Zuid, a very nice venue with plenty of space for crazy swing outs!!!

As always, we kick off the night with a beginner drop-in class and there will be DJ sets between band sets.

19:40-20:30 Beginner drop-in Solo Jazz class with Stel La (€5,-)
20:30-00:00 Schwing Jazz Band and DJs Raoul and Wander (€5,-)

If you have any questions or concerns before or during this event, do not hesitate to contact Krinio, Ruben or Lua
See you there!

About the band:

Their unique style and communication with the dancefloor while playing, are some of the things that you first notice about them. The sound of Count Basie’s, Duke Ellington’s, Django Reinheart’s or Ella Fitzgerald’s songs, played by them, can only bring smiles to the dancefloor. This swing jazz quartet, founded by the guitarist and bandleader Adam is currently based in Rotterdam, NL but performs across Europe, as well as in the U.K. Classic repertoire, vintage style and a group of fine young gentlemen!

Meet the band :

The “six-string wizard”, the linchpin of the organization and all-round dapper gentleman guitarist Mr. Adam Taylor. With an infectious jazz swing that’ll keep your feet moving into the early hours and a bonhomie attitude sure to keep the frivolities fresh, this English esquire promises the real deal, authentic swing of the highest order, naturally.

The “clarinet king”, the “almighty alto”, the “tenor temerity” that is reedman Dillon Baiocchi. Dillon brings a slice of Downtown New York to the group with his fat tone, tasty licks and impeccable hipster beard.

At the traps, putting stick to skin and cymbal is the extraordinary drummer Richie Struck. When you feel that vibe, that irresistible swing, you just gotta dance!

On the bass, holding down the fort and providing the swing carpet for them to jive on throughout the night, Herr. Johannes Fend.

Check this out: