September block registrations and Covid-19 information

A new block of classes is on their way!

You can check the schedule of all the lessons we will give this block right here!

When can you register?

Registrations will be opened on 29th of August, precisely at 18:00. Be ready to register as soon as you can to increase your chances. You will also be able to register without partner. At the top of this page go to “Register Now” and register at the bottom of that page by choosing your classes. The block will start on the 13th of September and will be 11-12 weeks.

Covid-19 information

Because of the pandemic and the outcry of the community to change partners we have decided to open the lessons up for the possibility of rotating partners. To facilitate this we will have to ask all the students and teachers to show a QR code on the CoronaCheck app at the start of every lesson. This is the only way for us to provide you with the safest possible way to rotate partners.

However this does not mean that you have to rotate partners. You will have the possibility to stay with a fixed partner if you prefer to and you will be able to contact teachers beforehand. We would like to ask you to then sign up with a partner that also agrees to that. We will strive to keep our lessons a comfortable and happy place for learning.

If there are questions or concerns regarding the Covid-19 rules please e-mail us at
For more information on the CoronaCheck app and QR codes, please visit the Rijksoverheid Website.