Schedule Reveal Winter Block

Every block the schedule is one of those things that requires absolute patience, a listening ear, careful communication, and a mastery of puzzling. So, we definitely didn’t make our own deadline on this, however we do have it for you at least 5 days before registration opens (which is on the 22nd of December 18:00). You will be able to choose from a variety of classes on different days including 4 Themed Classes!

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UPDATE: Small mistake with the Blues Classes. It said break on 27th of March, but that should be 27th of February.

We know that there is one thing different than usual and that is that there is only one level 2. That is absolutely an exception and not something we plan to continue doing. We unfortunately could not make two Lindy 2’s a reality, so we hope that if you cannot find a spot, or if you want to spice it up you try one of our awesome Themed Classes!

Themed Classes are special shorter classes that focus on a specific theme. Instead of them being a whole block long they are half a block long this block (so 5 lessons in total). That means half of these end after the first half of the block and the other half starts after the first half. There are four in total and listed below:

  • Higher level move shopping class by Jojanneke & Ivar: (24th of January to 21st of February) Did you see that incredible move on the dance floor and would you love to be able to copy it? Would you like to create your own moves but you don’t know how? In this class we will teach you several ways how you can expand your dancing repetoire in fun and playful ways. This will include some fancy moves but also creative challenges on how you can make a move your own. Level requirement: Lindy 3
  • Listen up! Inspire each other in the dance by Nitzan & Federico: (26th of January to the 23rd of February) In these classes we will work on finding space in your leading-following dynamics. We will work on follower initiatives, break-aways, self expression, free and mutual communication as well as musicality. Taking and giving space can be challenging for both follows and leads, as we are breaking away from our usual dancing patterns. Level requirement: At least 1 block of Lindy 2
  • Solo Jazz Alphabet by Stella: (7th of March to the 4th of April) In this theme class we’ll work on dancing solo on swing music. We will learn and polish jazz steps (using the jazz steps alphabet) and practice how to use those steps during improvisation. This class is for people who want to learn (more) solo steps and for those who want to get more comfortable with using them. 
  • Balboa Beginner by Thijs & Milena: (9th of March to the 6th of April) Balboa is dancing on (rather) fast swing-music. Do you want to learn to combine the swing rhythm and fun moves with some elegant turning and sliding? Come join us and get to know the joy of Balboa. In our theme classes we will cover the basics of Bal-Swing (break-away-moves) and Purebal (dancing in close position). You will collect a repertoire that gets you through a dance night.

We hope there’s something for everybody!

Dancing regards,
The Swing in Utrecht Board
Victor, Sanne, Marijn, Thijs, Juanjo, Douglas