Schedule reveal Spring Block 2023

Yes, there we are! Registrations open on the 24th of March 18:00, and to make sure you guys can plan in advanced we have the schedule for you here! This is not a block with Themed Classes, but we will have two half blocks in the shape of Malou’s Trickeration Solo Jazz Routine class and Body Awareness class. We tried to improve readability over last two blocks, so we hope it helps you find all the information you need!

The image below will be kept up to date as much as possible. Always follow this link and refresh for the latest updates:

As always the registration will be on this site and will open on the registration page at 18:00 on March 24th 2023. You will not be required to sign up with a partner, but it is encouraged as it will increase your chances of having a spot in the lessons. This is to create a nice follow/lead balance. Signing up early also ensures a better chance at a spot.

If you are unsure if you’ll pass onto the next block, be sure to ask your teacher for your current level, or mail to schedule a bit of an audition to see what level you can apply to if you don’t know.