Schedule reveal Fall Block 2023

Yes, there we are! Registrations open on the 18th of August 2023 at 18:00, and to make sure you guys can plan in advanced we have the schedule for you here! Sorry if the text is a little small, complete information on 16 different classes on one sheet is a lot of space!

The image below will be kept up to date as much as possible. Always follow this link and refresh for the latest updates:
Update 1: Added extra break day to Nitzan & Floris’ Lindy 1A and Lindy2 class. Added a level to Solo Jazz

Some of you might see some interesting things on this picture, and that likely the appearance of Training Practice and Lindy 4.

Training Practice is a slot we had open that we would like to offer as a free night. If you want regular practice sessions please register for Training Practice. It will be free of charge, but we can only let it happen if we know people are going to be using it.

Lindy 4 is for people who have done Lindy 3 so many times that they think they can go one step beyond. Entering Lindy 4 will require you to join in on a level check. We like to make sure that the people entering are all at relatively the same level and to check what level that is you will be required to come to a HopSpot on either the 23rd or the 30th of August 20:30-21:00. Make sure you register for Lindy 4 before you do a level check. If you know him, you can find Fatih, else we’ll make sure we make it clear where to go. 

As always the registration will be on this site and will open on the registration page at 18:00 on 18th of August 18:00. You will not be required to sign up with a partner, but it is encouraged as it will increase your chances of having a spot in the lessons. This is to create a nice follow/lead balance. Signing up early also ensures a better chance at a spot.

If you are unsure if you’ll pass onto the next block, be sure to ask your teacher for your current level, or mail to schedule a bit of an audition to see what level you can apply to if you don’t know.