Regular HopSpot price change

Dear and lovely dancers,

Starting February 1st, our new HopSpot prices will be 7 euros for social and workshop, and 5 for just the social. We regret that we have to increase prices. We very much value the openness of our community and low entrance prices are a part of that. As such we have managed to keep the prices identical for the last 10 years. With the change in venue our costs are higher, so it’s only natural that Swing in Utrecht had to, at some point, increase the prices. 

Because we are a non-profit organization the goal is to keep entrance fees as low as is reasonable, so these are the prices we landed on to stay on that track. Naturally, we still hope to see all of you on the dance floor!

Dancing regards,
The Swing in Utrecht Board
Sanne, Thijs, Marijn, Akvilė, Douglas