Registrations 2022 & SiU Routine

Dear and wonderful dancers,

We have two bits of wonderful news!

Registrations for the first block of 2022!

One of them is that we‘re opening our registrations again for 2022 on the 26th of January at 18:00!

So be prepared! Of course we will have missed a month, so this block will be shorter than you’re used to. We have more lessons than last block, but unfortunately due to Covid restrictions we will of course have a lower limit of eligable couples again and we will not be rotating in the beginning. We might change that later, depending on the situation then, but for now, when registering try to find a partner that you want to dance with the entire block.

Separate partners for seperate classes is allowed. When you sign up without a partner you will be assigned one as soon as there’s someone of the opposite role. This means that you will have more chance for a space if you sign up with a partner. And lastly you will be asked to show a QR code from the Corona Check App every time. Check all the different lessons here.

The Swing in Utrecht Routine!

The other bit of news is that we asked our wonderful teacher Stella to make a Swing in Utrecht Routine for us! She choreographed an awesome routine for us on “Black Coffee” by Reverent Juke which might seem a little long, but almost half of it is repetition! We’ll let Stella explain and show it. If you wanna gear up for our socials coming in the future this is the perfect way to get hyped! But don’t let us explain, let Stella! She’s really proud of this one so please give her a watch!

See Stella explain the SiU routine aided by some useful graphics and Ilja showing the back perspective

With all that said and done, there’s enough dancing for everyone! We’re looking towards 2022 with hopeful eyes and hope to to make it a swingingly good year!

We hope to SiU on the dancefloor soon,
The Swing in Utrecht Board
Victor, Sanne, Marijn, Akvilė, Douglas