Important information about registrations for next block from April till June

Registrations for the next block is almost here. 9th of March at 12:00 will be the date and time for opening the registrations, don’t miss it! You can follow this link to register.

SiU will switch to a new level system. We have already tested some of this in practice in previous blocks: level 2+ (from now training level track). Under the new model, everyone dances three blocks in level 2, which is a total of one year. If you want an extra challenge during this year, you can audition for the training level track lesson after having followed at least 1 normal level 2 block. There is room for extra personal feedback, but you also must do assignments at home every week. Extra commitment from both parties!

After a year in level 2 everyone moves on to level 3. This is the level for people who have been dancing for more than 2 years. For dancers who are looking for more depth, an audition level has been created. This again requires more commitment from the dancers. To be admitted to this level you can audition if you are in level 2+ or level 3, in consultation with your teachers.

NB: The starting point is that everyone should dance in a lesson that suits his or her level. That is why it is sometimes possible to move faster to higher levels. For this you can contact your teachers and if they think you can go faster you can audition for a higher level. However, these situations are exceptional.

The invitational level is meant for teachers of Swing in Utrecht and dancers with a similar level from our own or other scenes. You can’t audition for this.