Important Announcement about HopSpots

Dear and lovely dancers,

after almost 10 years of HopSpots in the ballroom at the front of Winkel van Sinkel, we’ve been asked by the staff to continue our socials in the basement. They’re stopping using the ballroom for anything that has music and dancing, because of scheduling issues and because the sound of the dancing carries through the floor into the terrace below (we checked, and they’re right; the noise is pretty bad).

Winkel van Sinkel has been super accommodating, not only in the past, but als now: helping us with sound equipment and helping think about ventillation in the basement, but the truth is that the floor there is not very suited for dancing. So rightnow, HopSpots are going to be in the basement, while we are looking for a new venue, that has a better floor. We’re also looking for tips for locations, so if you know anything, please contact us through Insta or FB or through

But to keep our spirits up, the first basement HopSpot is going to be a Halloween Party! Dressing up would be great, but not mandatory! So we hope to see you Wednesday 2 november…

π–Žπ–“ π–™π–π–Š π–‡π–†π–˜π–Šπ–’π–Šπ–“π–™.

Dancing regards,
The Swing in Utrecht Board
Victor, Sanne, Thijs, Marijn, AkvilΔ—, Douglas