HopSpot Live with Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys

Dear and lovely dancers,

He’s back after 4 years! The amazing Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys, all the way from Perth. Some might remember this band from June Bug Jig back in 2019 (check the video here). They’re back for a big party, that we’re celebrating in Het Oude Tolhuys on the 14th of July all the way until 1 o’clock at night! You just gotta be there to see and hear them in action!

19:30 Beginner-Intermediate Workshop*
20:30 – 1:30 Party

*Best to have done at least 3 beginner workshops, or at least 3 lessons of Lindy1A

More information to come as it becomes available!

BE AWARE, both the band and the location are more expensive, so the prices are a little higher than usual for this time
Social dance = € 20
Drop-in lesson + social dance = € 25

Please remember: Paying Digital Only (if you really cannot, please find one of the organizers or board members at the location, we’ll figure it out)
See you all there! 😀

Adam Hall is an accomplished Trumpeter, Vocalist and Composer based in Perth, Australia.

His band, The Velvet Playboys are renowned for their captivating live performances marked by slick presentation and raw energy.
More info and their event agenda can be found on http://www.adamhall.com.au/about