Auditions for the next block

Auditions, how and when?

Swing In Utrecht encourages everybody to start with 1A and follow the regular pace of classes.
However, for those who feel they need to be in a higher level, or for those who already have experience in another swing school or swing scene, there is the possibility for audition!
The audition will take place on Wednesday August 21st, between 20:30 and 22.00, at the Hopspot (the regular social of Swing in Utrecht) at the Winkel van Sinkel.

To secure your place, please write us an email with your name and the level you want to audition for (or if you don’t know, just say you want advice on your level). Your spot will be reserved for the audition.
You will be dancing with at least two teachers in order to make the audition as objective as possible. The advice will be given the same evening and the registration team will be informed about the decision.

However, if you can not attend on that date, there is another possibility: you can also send us a video of your dancing. Preferably a link to a youtube video, but if you are not capable, a short video as attachment will suffice as well. The video should be around a minute long. We want you to dance to a song, as you would in a social.

What moves we prefer to see in the video:

If auditioning for level 1B:

  • Triple steps
  • 6 count and 8 count basic
  • Send out
  • Pass by
  • Bring in
  • Tuck Turn
  • Lead goes
  • Follow goes
  • Groove Walk

If auditioning for level 1C:

  • Triple Steps
  • Change of place variations (structurally and rhythmically)
  • Swing out (from open and closed)
  • Lindy circle (from open and closed)
  • (30s) Charleston
    • Basic
    • Open doors
    • Hand to hand Charleston with entry from open doors
    • Hand to hand Charleston basic exit

If auditioning for level 2:

  • Triple step
  • Sugar pushes
  • Swing out variations
  • Texas-Tommy from closed
  • Tandem Charleston

If auditioning for levels higher than 2, please send us a video/youtube link of you dancing to a medium/slow song (Lindy) and a faster song (Charleston), for 1 min tops per part.

We will be not only looking at the moves, but the entirety of the dance: musicality, quality of movement, communication, etc.
Just showing the moves will not guarantee qualification to a higher level. Not knowing every move will also not guarantee a lower level. We will judge your video as objectively and quickly as possible.

If you have any other questions about auditions, please let us know!