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At the moment registration is closed. You can register again for our next block. More info will follow in due time. 

Partner registration

You don't have to have a partner in order to register, however having a partner will increase your chances to get in, but it is not mandatory. You will be rotating partners unless you don't feel comfortable with that of course. 

Registering with a partner: Be aware that you both separately have to register! Fill in the e-mail address of your partner during the registration process. When your partner also registered and filled in your e-mail address, you will both be accepted (as long as the lesson is not full).


Instructions new registration system

Starting this block we will use a different registration system. Most of it is pretty straightforward, but you can follow the instructions below if you're in doubt. 

  • Make an account via the Login/Register button at the top of the page and check your e-mail to activate your account.
  • In the webshop, choose one class at a time and place your order. Don’t worry, if you order multiple courses you will still get a discount. This is a safety precaution so that if an individual class is canceled due to not enough dancers, we will not have to cancel your entire order. 
  • The courses will be validated and once we have a spot for you, you will receive an email for payment. Payments can be done via iDeal.
  • In case you don’t pay within 4 days, your spot will be cancelled automatically. (At the moment you will not receive a reminder for payment).


Lessons April - June 2024

  • The term consists of a block of 10 to 11 classes, depending on which class, with breaks labeled on the schedule page
  • About the registration process:
    • If you register with a partner, be aware that you both separately have to register.
    • Fill in the e-mail address of your partner in the registration form.
  • Costs for each class is stated on schedule page.
  • Discount options:
    • If you take two courses during the same block, you get 25% discount on the total price. Following three courses? Then you get 33% discount. With four courses 38% discount.
    • If your financial situation withholds you from registering for lessons, you can apply for a 25 euro discount. No questions will be asked.
  • Registrations will be opened on the 18th of March at 6:00 p.m. and will end on the 8th of April!

April-June Schedule


What level should I take?!

Some of our lessons might speak for themselves. Shag and Blues beginner are for people who have not danced those styles before or are working on the basics, versus intermediate/advanced where we expect you to have done one or two beginner classes first. But Lindy is a little more complicated. Before progressing to Lindy 2 we would like you to have finished Lindy 1A, 1B and 1C as those are the absolute basics and Lindy 2 teachers will assume you are familiar with them. Before continuing on to Lindy 3 we would like you to have done at least 3 blocks of Lindy 2. Anything beyond Lindy 3 is best to discuss with your Lindy 3 teacher. Please follow the advice given by your teachers from the previous course as they have a good understanding of the level system and what other teachers teach.

Check here for an in-depth explanation. 

If you have any questions or doubt, please mail to


Terms & conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before registering.

Before you go to the new registration system, please make sure you read everything carefully!

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