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General classflow (lindy hop)

Level 1
All dancers start at level 1A. All students continue to level 2 after they did level 1B and 1C, unless the teachers advise to redo 1C, for instance if the student was absent at many classes or the technical bases needs more attention to enjoy the level 2 class.

Level 2
Each student stays in level 2 for a full year (3 blocks of classes). During this year Swing in Utrecht provides classes with different teacher couples to continue and deepen the material from the first year. Each teacher couple has its own strengths and ways of dancing which will help you improve and challenge your dancing.

Level 3
After one year of dancing in level 2 students can continue to level 3, unless the teachers give an advise to continue in level 2. There can be a lot of difference between students who just like to dance once a week, and students who go out social dancing at every opportunity and regularly follow workshops. Both are great ways to enjoy dancing and lead to different learning curves. So while some might proceed to level 3 more quickly, others stay in level 2 for a few years, which is fine too!


New to SiU
When you’re new to Swing in Utrecht, there might be exceptions if:

  • you followed at least 10 Drop-in classes
  • have a lot of dance experience and a teacher from Swing in Utrecht assessed your dancing skills

Then, there are several options:

  1. You start in 1A and 1B at the same time.
    • Note: You cannot join 1B if you did not get into 1A
  1.   You start in 1B after following private classes with a teacher of Swing in Utrecht
  2.   You start in 1B directly

The best option for you will be decided by a teacher of Swing in Utrecht.

Further notes for all options mentioned above:

    • Students who followed 1A in the previous block have priority for 1B
    • New students in 1B might not be able to join if the ratio leaders/follows is too much off balance. We strongly recommend you sign up with a partner!
    • When subscribing for class: mention your option and the teacher and have been in contact with

Level 3
Exceptions are made for very talented dancers to continue to level 3 during their first year in level 2.

Write a note to inschrijven@swinginutrecht.nl if you wish to go through your personal options with us and the teachers of Swing in Utrecht.

Blues, Shag, Balboa & Solo Jazz

Since these styles of dancing are a bit smaller than lindy hop, there usually are only 1 or 2 levels offered: beginner and intermediate. If you're not sure in which level you belong, you can ask a teacher or send us an e-mail at inschijven@swinginutrecht.nl.