Blues dance lessons

Do you want to dance to slow jazz and blues? Then blues dancing is for you!

The Utrecht Blues Club has been building the bluesdance scene in Utrecht for three years now and continues doing so at Swing in Utrecht. That means that there will be weekly lessons, monthly parties and the yearly November Blues Weekend with workshops taught by international teachers!

Blues dancing finds its roots, like lindyhop, in the African American culture of the early twentieth century. It is often danced to a mixture of blues music and slower swing. It has a strong focus on partner connection, musicality and improvisation, where the basis is a simple weight change. Good blues dancing requires a subtle connection with your partner, and will help to improve yourself in all our dance styles! Over the past years there has been an increasing interest in blues dancing and more workshops are being organized worldwide. Blues can be danced to various styles of blues-music, varying from traditional slow to modern pop songs.