Balboa lessons

Would you like to dance graciously to fast swing music without having to sweat too much? And meanwhile busting countless moves in a perfect connection with your partner? Then balboa is the dance for you!

What is it?

Balboa is a partner dance, which is danced to swing music that has a tempo of 185 bpm or higher. This dance is characterised by a close connection between dancers, sometimes only in closed position (pure bal) and sometimes having more open figures (bal-swing).


Balboa was named after an island just off the shore of Newport Beach, Los Angeles with the same name. The dance originates from the 1920s, in a time that there wasn't much room on the dance floor, hence the close position. Taking up too much space when dancing was even forbidden! Balboa therefore is the art of dancing very subtle, that sometimes are invisible to the crowd, but are felt by you and your partner, making it really intimate and fun.