About swing in Utrecht

The swing virus in Utrecht
Swing in Utrecht is responsible for spreading the swing virus in the Utrecht region in the form of lessons, events and parties. In 2007 it was founded by Arjan de Boer, Annette Duivenvoorde and Jojanneke Heidema. Since then the lindy hop scene in Utrecht has been growing enormously and more and more lessons, parties, workshops are added and lots of new lindy hoppers are joining the fun. The foundation could not exist without the enthusiasm and energy of countless volunteers that have caught the virus. Nowadays, the board exists of Stella Bakker, Peter Buur, Laura Molenaar, Ilja Thoenes, Tanja Krone and Sanne van der Meer, supported by many volunteers.

Our teachers

Swing in Utrecht has a big group of enthusiastic teachers. Each teacher has his or her own history with swing dance and has a personal reason to share this joyful dance with others. This is visible in the fun they manage to carry over to their students during lessons. As a learner you get different teacher couples during the year, each of them adding their own twist. That way you can discover different sides of the dance and you can develop your own style.



Secretary of the board

Social & Volunteer Coordinator
Public Relations, Communication and Classes

The confidential Adviser