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HopSpots are canceled until further notice

Update 12th of november: Unfortunately we are sad to announce that because of the government restrictions and rising cases of Covid-19 we have to cancel all further HopSpots. Our lessons are still ongoing, however. 

We will keep you updated through the website, the email (subscribe here), Instagram, Facebook page and Facebook group



Who we are.

We are an open and inclusive international community of people that share a passion for swing dancing. Together we dance Lindy hop, Charleston, Solo jazz, Blues, Shag and Balboa. In our classes, training sessions, events and parties we inspire each other to become the best dancers we can be.

What we do.

We teach classes in swing dancing based on our own, continuously developing philosophy. Next to classes, we organize swing dance events like parties (weekly socials on Wednesdays), festivals and private classes and performances.

How we do it.

Swing in Utrecht is a foundation that is run by a voluntary board and is dependent on volunteers for the organization of its parties and events. Classes are taught by a large variety of local and international (guest) teachers. You can register for classes on our website in August, December and March.

What's new

Dancing at Swing in Utrecht

Since September 2017, Swing in Utrecht offers lessons in Amersfoort too. Check out Lindy Hop Amersfoort for more information!

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